Monday, 15 December 2008

Today, it became Christmas.
Yes, it's been December for a while. And I'm not much of a Christmas person anyway. Mostly I just like the smell of pine trees in the house and all the extra yummies that get turned out of the kitchen. But this year I'm excited. Being in Edinburgh, I may actually have my first white Christmas. In fact, any kind of white floaty cold substance falling from the sky in the near future would be welcome, whether it's on Christmas or not. For me, snow is a novelty. And this city really is made for winter. It's grey and old and haunted feeling. On certain days, stepping out into the cold, a yeasty meaty smell assaults me. Ian claims it's the smell of brewery. To me, it smells more like a beef stew of sorts. Strangely addicting, I have come to expect the smell, and miss it when the cold wind washes it away.

Anyway - today became Christmas when the egg nog was born. After thinking about eggs in my recent post, I realized I hadn't made egg nog since my first foray with it two years ago, when I made several gallons for the family's Christmas Eve get together, and then proceded to doze off on a leather chair in front of the fireplace, my tummy filled with cream and bourbon, my toes and fingers roasting in front of the flames.
So it was time. I made turkey meatballs and pasta with arugula and a lemony cuminy yogurt sauce for dinner, and then we needed something else. Well, I needed something else, because all the recently baked goods of mine had disappeared. I remember the nog.

Emily did the dishes. Ian whisked the egg whites (no hand mixer in this house). I whisked the yolks and the sugar (we do, however, have two whisks). After a few minutes and two very sore wrists, we had little wine glasses full of nog, floating with clouds of whipped egg white. A touch of nutmeg and some Kentucky Bullet Bourbon out of Ian's collection rounded out the flavors nicely, making a delicious creamy beverage that really can't be compared to any other flavor I know, but went down quickly as we watched the obligatory weekday night installment of the British soap opera, Hollyoaks.

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