Thursday, 23 April 2009


A move to San Francisco, a visit from Scotland, a second internship...I haven't really been around lately, and I haven't really been cooking.

It's as if I'm having withdrawals: I pass the kitchen on the way out in the morning and think maybe tonight...and then the night comes and I'm whisked away to that great Thai restaurant down the street, or the little bakery with the amazing olive foccacia, or the taqueria in the Mission with the special pulled pork...

If I had a chance to stop and breathe, it might feel glamorous. But between the sunburn from yesterday's picnic and my liver barely recovered from a whirlwind of San Francisco beers, all I really want to do is stand in front of the stove and stir something.

It's been good though - there are great shadows in my new apartment that stretch across the plush white carpet as the sun goes down over the ocean. There are parks nearby, full of tiny flowers and ambling people and air that begs to be breathed slowly and deeply. And there are of course the restaurants, the caf├ęs, and the bakeries, stretching out before me like truffles in a chocolate shop, each waiting to be tasted.

So instead of a recipe to be cooked, I have this to share with you: cucumber, gin, and ginger.

It was a very hot weekend. Into the 90's in San Francisco! A Cucumber Julep saved me. Ice muddled with thin half moons of fresh cucumber, a hefty pour of Henrick's gin, and a swirl of spicy Ginger Brew came together into a sigh-inducing slurry that let me sit back and breathe for a few minutes.

Cucumber Julep

Note: Hendrick's Gin is made from cucumbers, and is particularly tasty. If you don't have it, any other gin will do, but I have to say that Hendrick's is by far the best.

1 part Hendrick's Gin
3 parts Ginger Beer/Soda/Brew, preferably Reed's
thin slivers of cucumber, deseeded

1) Put the cucumber in a large cup, and add a layer of ice over it. With a pestle or some other blunt tool, smash the ice and cucmber together. Stir in gin. Stir in ginger brew. Enjoy.

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  1. Yummmmm, give me one of those when I'm sitting back at home on the island on the Great Barrier!